The wine-concept of terroir (the exhaustive factors that comprise a wine’s expression) is an idea that I twist and bend through my art. Like the annual harvest and crush of grapes, my works express the year’s volatilities, thoughts, moods, movements.

Complexity is a consistent feature, a theme that ties into an obsession with paying mind to spaces that generally don’t attract attention. It’s one thing to consider sand in the context of a beach. Quite another to consider a single granular located at a specific GPS coordinate.

What’s going on right here? is a question I ask myself often, where ‘here’ happens to be an unremarkable, tiny location in space and time. I think about unused chairs in seldom-visited rooms, or the views from unreachable windowsills, or the loneliness of highway road signs stranded on dark winter highways.

Execution involves zeroing in on minute locations, where I attend to every detail within a square centimeter (and smaller). It is here that I am most at home.

With respect to subject matter, I create windows into other worlds that reflect, like a fractal, the complexity of the detail therein. I draw from a variety of sources: religion, wine, literature, mysticism, esoterica, mathematics, geometry, photography, always looking to go where there is darkness and no map, with a focus less on what is behind the veil, but rather on the veil itself.



Brooklyn was born in 1977 in Winnipeg, MB. He put himself through law school, received his formal Call to the Bar, and then left the legal profession to pursue a track of intensive, independent study in the arts, which included drawing, portraiture, painting, and sculpture. His time in the legal world instilled in him a deep sense of professionalism and a fanatical eye for detail, qualities apparent in all of his work.

Later, Brooklyn engaged in an intensive course of wine study, receiving his Sommelier diploma in 2010. Again, the experience left an indelible mark on his artworks, now imbued with the concepts of terroir, vintage variation, and fine craftsmanship.

He currently has work in private collections across Canada and the United States.