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gal·ler·y /’gal(ə)ē/

Nothing ∞∞ Anything ꝴ˳ꜳ –__–_-___-

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I will not bore the reader telling them what they already know. Instead, consider that my work both is and is designed for our protagonist, nailed to a somewhat precarious position…

Out at the edge of omnipotence
A fast-moving ascendancy washes over burnt landscapes and the
God of this world tries in vain to quell the fires.

Out at the edge of omnipotence, limits that were not supposed to exist
Begin to appear. Annoyingly. 
The monolith advances his march towards perfect(ion).
Or has it turned into a baffled retreat from oblivion?
He doesn’t know anymore.

The courtiers are beginning to suspect something.
The throne is showing cracks.
The Merchant is bored. The Queen is dead. The cities do not know whom to make their sacrifices to. 
The god of this world yearns for his veil but instead has only his spear,
gripped hard.
He doesn’t want it, although it may be prove useful should he have to end it all.
Out at the edge of omnipotence, annihilation smoulders into grey ash.
Mecca is grinding, shifting, changing gears
like sprockets in a watch set to yesterday.
Behind him is a hologram.
Above him is a heaven he spun but somehow lost the map to.
Beside him are his flock—leaching, loving, falling, praying.
In front of him… a concept an all-knowing being has to know.
Has to not know. 
Out at the edge of omniscience, limits were creeping.
Cataracts forming.
The courtiers—they all just want to go home.
The residents of the city—they all just want to go home.
The god of this world—he just wants to go home.


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(1988 to Present)

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Region Breakdown

COTE DE NUITSGrape Varieties

Wine StylesNotes

Cote de Nuits-VillagesPinot Noir
Pinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultChardonnayRW (rare)

Pinot BlancCovers wines produced in one or more of five communes

Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes de NuitsPinot NoirPinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultChardonnay Pinot BlancRW (rare)Good value winesTrue to Cote de Nuits character

1Pinot NoirPinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultP (rare)MarsannayPinot NoirPinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultChardonnayPinot NoirPinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultRW PKnown for dry, rich, Pinot Noir Rose (black fruit, red fruit)Recent reputation for Reds (red currant, liquorice, cinnamon)Most hites are light, tangy, early-drinking

FixinPinot NoirPinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultChardonnay Pinot BlancRW (rare)Fixin was one time summer residence of dukes of BurgundyGood alue, good quality winesBest Premier Crus La PerriereCos du ChapitreGevrey-ChambertinPinot Noir
Pinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultRBest growers make superb wines (rich, elegant, silky, perfumed)Best Premier CrusClos St.-JacquesGrand Crus (8):
1) Chambertin-Clos de Bèze (more finesse, less body)
2) Charmes-Chambertin (a.k.a. Mazoyères- Chambertin) (soft, sumptuous, ripe fruit)
3) Chapelle-Chambertin (lightest)
4) Griotte-Chambertin (soft fruit, velvet)
5) Latricières-Chambertin (2 styles: easy-drinking, long-maturing)
6) Le Chambertin (full body, graceful, velvet, stunning)
7) Mazis-Chambertin (complex, silky, lasting)2

8) Ruchottes-Chambertin (lightest)
Morey-St-DenisPinot Noir
Pinot Gris, Pinot Liebault Chardonnay Pinot Blanc
R WExcellent wine village for both Reds and whites Top Premier Crus
Clos des Ormes
Clos Sorbe
Les Sorbes Grand Crus(5):
Chambolle-MusignyPinot Noir
Pinot Gris, Pinot Liebault
RMed to full bodied, decent finesse and fragrance Best Premier Crus
Les Amoureuses
Les Charmes
Grand Crus 2)
VougeotPinot Noir
Pinot Gris, Pinot Liebault
W (rare)
Rare, overpriced, fine wines Best Premier Crus

3best are silky, elegant, finesse)Vosne-RomaneePinot NoirPinot Gris, Pinot LiebaultRMed body, pure Pinot Noir character, silky Best remier CrusLes BruleesCros-ParantouxLes Petits-MontsLes SuchotsLes BeaumontsGrand Crus (6):1) Romanee-Conti (most expensive, complex, excellent)

2) La Romanee (full, complex, grace)
3) La Tache (rich, complex, silky, finesse)
4) Richebourg (rich, velvet, fruity)
5) Romanee-Saint-Vivant (lightest GC, finesse)
6) La Grande Rue (newest GC of region, spicy, floral, black cherry)



…et avec ███████████ de persuasion, le méchant grossier a finalement convenu que ██████████ était en fait un millésime faible.

CQ.97 is a SINGLE model built exclusively from Air Jordan XXIII’s. Its construction is TOE-DOWN and SOLE-to-SOLE. His Primary Color is BLACK (COMMON) and his Accent Color is LIGHT BLUE (RARE).
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